Wenn du mehr über uns erfahren möchtest, bist du hier genau richtig. Lies, wie wir Lebensmittelverluste in ein köstliches Molkeprotein-Getränk verwandeln – für dich und unseren Planeten.


In 2020, our young company launched the Molke Shake, the answer to combat foodwaste and to provide you with a great source of whey protein.

We're Doris and Christian! Avid crossfit and bike enthusiasts who are always looking for a healthy source of protein. Unfortunately, most protein shakes are not natural, contain various artificial additives and simply lack taste. That is, until now.

Our whey protein shake is lactose-free, high in protein, organic quality and has a great yoghurt-like taste. Did we mention that it is 100% natural and comes from Switzerland?

Doris is a food scientist and has teamed up with the Schwyzer Milchhuus to make a delicious whey drink that is good for both you and our planet. 

Our eating habits contribute to global warming, a phenomenon that threatens to cause serious damage to our planet. The United Nations (UN) warns that food waste alone causes 10% of greenhouse gases, and strongly recommends that we change our eating habits and food consumption. Since whey is often a food waste, we have decided to repurpose it; thus combating food waste while also making your stronger. It's a win-win solution (our favorite kind!).

Do something good for yourself and the planet by tasting one of our delicious shakes – either in berry or mango flavor.

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