If you want to learn more about us, you've come to the right place! Read how we turn food waste into a delicious whey drink – for you and our planet.


In 2020, our young company launched MOLKE SHAKE: the answer to the problem of foodwaste and the development of a surprisingly new whey taste experience.

We – Doris and Christian – are enthusiastic CrossFitter and two-wheeler addicts. We are fans of healthy, natural, transparent and, above all, tasty food. We came across whey in 2017 and, unfortunately, couldn't find any products made from Swiss whey that we liked. 

At the same time, we learned that over a million tons of whey in Switzerland doesn't end up in our plates, but rather in animal feed or plant biogas. All this, despite the fact that whey contains valuable whey proteins, vitamins and minerals. 

So we researched and decided to develop something out of this wonderful raw material. Many around us were skeptical, especially when it came to its taste. We heard a lot of “I don't like whey” or “whey drinks can't be sold.”

That only spurred us further and we plunged into the adventure of founding a company and developing whey products. Doris (that's me!) is a food scientist and has been working in the food sector for over 12 years. I'm passionate about sustainable and healthy food production as well as nutrition.

With Christians' support, I teamed up with Schwyzer Milchhuus to upcycle their whey and to make a delicious drink that is good for you and our planet. 

Due to fermentation with yogurt cultures and protein enrichment, our MOLKE SHAKE tastes refreshingly yogurt-like and is also fruity, creamy and subtly sweet – unlike conventional whey drinks. It consists of purely natural, organic ingredients and is made in central Switzerland from local organic whey.

MOLKE SHAKES are well balanced when it comes to nutrition. By adding whey protein, it becomes particularly rich in protein. Whey protein has many positive benefits such as lowering cholesterol levels, building muscle and so much more. Additonally, it's lactose-free and therefore digestible for everyone!

Our eating habits contribute to global warming, a phenomenon that is causing serious damage to our planet. The United Nations (UN) warn that food waste alone causes 10% of greenhouse gases and strongly recommends that we change our eating habits and food consumption. Since whey is often a food waste, we have decided to repurpose it; thus combating food waste while also making you stronger. It's a win-win solution (our favorite kind!).

Do something good for yourself and our planet by trying one of our delicious whey shakes.

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