We are now called Wheycation 

Wheycation is derived from "vacation" and "whey" and stands for the ultimate regeneration for body, mind and environment. We added a new product to our portfolio, the Recovery Shake Powder.

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The new generation of whey drinks –
Surprisingly Different

Molke Shake


Taste our refreshing and naturally fruity yogurt-like whey drink. Made from discarded organic Swiss whey, it helps combat food waste. 

Our whey drink is unlike any other you've tried before. Our organic MOLKE SHAKE offers a tasty, refreshing and creamy yogurt texture thanks to it's fermented process. Coupled with plenty of whey protein and high-quality fruit purees, you'll enjoy a subtle sweetness that's also lactose-free.

Experience MOLKE SHAKE in mango or berry flavor. Or, try both! 

Save Food

We help fight food waste and reduce CO2 emissionsby upcycling discarded whey that would've otherwise ended up in animal feed or plant biogas.

By "upcycling," we upgrade whey, a by-product of cheese production, and create a higher quality product; innovative food.

Try our MOLKE SHAKE today and see for yourself how good it tastes and how good you feel when you enjoy it.

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Team & product pictures: Andreas Eberhard

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